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Aclasta (Zoledronic acid), also known as zoledronate, is a medication used to treat a number of bone diseases. These include osteoporosis, high blood calcium due to cancer, bone breakdown due to cancer, and Paget’s disease of bone. It is given by injection into a vein.Common side effects include fever, joint pain, high blood pressure, diarrhea, and feeling tired.

Bev who suffers from osteoporosis says, "“I had Aclasta once a year 2012 - 2015 due to osteoporosis - Worst mistake I ever made! I have daily incapacitating and severe joint, muscle and back pain, cannot have a tooth extracted due to osteonecrosis of the jaw (as per the maxillo facial surgeon), my vision became blurred almost immediately after The first session ... my life is no longer my healthy happy life and I have to endure rhizotomies (Which have not helped one bit) because of the back pain. Walking is painful. Shoulders are messed. There is no antidote for this drug either! This was not something we are told beforehand ... we are still deciding to join a class action against the company that manufactures this drug KNOWING what the aide effects are! We would NEVER have said yes! Do your research guys! Bev - South Africa”


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Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Product Safety Expert (Former Employee) says

"They shame you if you need to use PTO and management laughed about laying people off on Christmas Eve. Horrible environment, would not recommend to anyone. You can do better than this place."

IT Maturity Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Meat grinder. Soul crushing. Insanity. Madness. Lying. No such thing as management - only fools and cowards hiding from staff. No planning, no management, no intelligence, no awareness of anything other then hatred. Cons: senseless cruelty. brutal viciousness."

Addetto al processo chimico (Former Employee) says

"Gente soggetta a burn out Cons: Tutto negativo"

Engineer Technician (Former Employee) says

"this place is the worst (run a way fast) and dont pick up the phone if you want to work for a temp place that is not in the state of ca this company has new owners so good luck"

Big Data Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Full time employees are good for nothing. They just schedule meetings , You will be spending 4-5 hours in meeting everyday doing nothing, There job is just to schedule meeting and show management that they are contributing"

Administration Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If ur from third party then there is very torture and no security for job."

Patient Access Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"They do business at the cost of human life. Onocology dept is filled with cancerous employees who has no work ethics. They are a gang to make people's life miserable."

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"You will be harassed and threatened in your job here. Constantly hiding issues by sweeping them under the rug. FDA is snowed when they arrive. Disgruntled workers."

Customer Care Specialist / Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Novartis as a contract Consultant for a short period of of time. Novartis allowed another 3rd party come into a training and discriminate, interrogate, and discriminate against sexual orientation towards employees that were contracted. There were a lot of racial slurs and statements made during the training. This was never rectified or any resolution provided. We had to write a statement of what took place and there was nothing ever done about this. After this a lot of people were terminated due to standing up for themselves. Cons: Management changes"

CALIDAD (Former Employee) says


Representante de Ventas (Former Employee) says

"Las personas que en su momento jefaturaban las gerencias no estaban a la altura de la responsabilidad dada. Cons: Nada"

Analist (Former Employee) says

"Üniversitede staj hayalimdi olmamıştı ama mezun olunca kalite kontrol laboratuvarında işe girdim. Hayatımda belki de en kötü geçirdiğim dönemlerdi. Hiyerarşik düzenin bu kadar baskın bu kadar kibir yaratan bir ortamında 4 ay dayanabildim. Çabalarınıza asla teşekkür beklemeyin, mesaiye kalmak zorundasınız genelde ve bunu sana sormazlar onlar istiyorlarsa bir şekilde kalırsınız. Mesai ücrete tabi değildir maaşınızın içinde olduğunu söylerler zaten. Maaşları da düşüktür. Asgari civarı başlangıç. Üstünüzde çalışan kişiler üstten bakarlar. Kibir ego emir... ilk iş deneyimim ve hüsranım. Sanmayın ki sadece benim böyle düşünen. Kalite kontroldeki herkes mutsuz, mecburi ihtiyaçtan vs çalışıyorlar. Zaten sürekli işten çıkarlar istifalar ardı ardına gelir. 3 yıl oldu ben çıkalı, umarım düzelmiştir pek inanmasam da Cons: Ücretsiz Mesaiye kalış, üsttekilerin kibiri, saygı görmemek"

Associate Director, Specialty Pharmacy (Former Employee) says

"Awful culture, back stabbing employees, no flexibility, and terrible management. If I had to choose between torture or Novartis, Torture would be better. Enough said. Cons: Everything"

UNIT COORDINATOR (Current Employee) says

"if you work directly for Novartis, then maybe that is different. if you work for Novartis under a program, worst experience I have ever had. terrible management and growth is relatively non existent"

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Nothing as such. as this was actually not the organization where I have worked, this was my client company."

Senior medical representative (Former Employee) says

"No career development, no employee rights. and a backstabbing culture. Cons: everything"

Technicien Helpdesk (Former Employee) says

"Je n'étais pas le seul mécontent : tout le service était débordé, ils refusaient d'embaucher et pourtant le besoin était réel."

Production mechanic (Former Employee) says

"If you’re looking for a horrible job Novartis is it. Cut throat realatives who look out for their own. I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy. They steal lie cheat and defraud everyone including the us government Cons: Everything"

CSA (Former Employee) says

"Worst decision of my life to work for Novartis! Bad atmosphere, bad environment with employees warned daily they are 'being watched every minute of day..' My floor worked in total silence and employees all seemed to be like 'frightened rabbits'. Line Manager seemed totally unaware of impact of this on productivity. Cons: Bad Management"

Bioassay Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I worked for the company for 5 years and was made redundant with no compensation."

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